About Us

We have been at the forefront of towing services in this locality for fifteen years. We pride ourselves on delivering a world class service in a local area.

Our customers come back to us, time and again, and we provide a range of services for both individuals and companies.

We are the best towing service you will find for miles around and should be any motorists first port of call in an emergency.

Usually, we can attend the scene within a half an hour. Our trained mechanics and operatives can diagnose and fix most problems at the roadside and if you have hired us to tow, we will do it safely and in style!

We have a range of vehicles available to suit your every need. Whether your needs are heavy duty or light duty, we have a tow truck available to hire. Horses are our specialty, as are multi vehicle trucks.

Bricotran are also passionate about helping the local community. This is why we have provided support and help to various community projects such as donations to local charities and high schools in the area.

We have provided our services free of charge during extreme weather and for some truly deserving causes, over the years.

A fully paid up member of all the local towing associations, you can rest assured that our company is fully compliant not only with the laws, but all the recommended levels of service.

Our personnel are all hand selected and have been extensively criminal record checked, as well as had thorough background checks conducted on them.

This means you can rest assured when you hire our company, that the staff are always 100% professional and certified.

Whether you want us for a one off emergency, or an ongoing contract, we can accommodate your needs professionally.

Going The Distance